Both of the treatments involve Cupping which uses a negative suction method where small cups are placed on the skin and creates a vacuum which draws blood to the area allowing it to circulate.

Wet Cupping (Hijama), requires small superficial cuts no deeper than the top layer of the dermis. With the negative pressure of the cup, the skin will break allowing us to remove the dead blood cells and toxins. Wet cupping gives you all the benefits dry cupping gives and much more. Known to help relieve body pain, inflammation, migraines, headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, detoxifies the blood and improves its circulation.

Dry cupping does not involve any cutting of the skin. The cups create a vacuum, drawing the blood to the surface of the skin helping loosen stiffness, reduce pain and
create a healthy blood flow circulation.

Depending on which treatment you select, Hijama Cupping Therapy can take between 30mins to 1:15 mins.

Slight indication on certain treatments:

  • Back Cupping 30 mins
  • Head cupping 40 mins
  • Full body 1:15 mins
  • Half body 30-45 mins

No. For the safety and hygiene of our clients, Yashf Hijama and Herbs uses only disposable products and equipment for each treatment. We dispose of all cups economically after each service with the clinical waste. We restock our products regularly to ensure each client receives a new and satisfied experience.

No, pregnant women should never be cupped. This can cause early labour or miscarriage at an early stage.

Yes, although we ask women to recover post child birth. There are no contraindications.

No, but it can tickle!

Our treatments are pain free and have no discomfort.

Cupping may feel tight during the treatment but will not be painful. The therapist will guide you through the whole experience.

The cupping marks can last from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the levels of toxins in the particular area. Darker spots can indicate inflammation and can take longer to fade.
The marks typically range from bright red to a darker purple. Darker colouring means that there is a high level of toxins and stagnation in the section of the body. In this case, the marks can last for up to 2-3 weeks.

  • The tiny superficial cuts can feel itchy after Hijama. It is recommended to apply our aftercare oil (black seed oil) to help with the healing process. Do not scratch or itch where the hijama was performed.
  • Hijama tends to make clients feel very relaxed and sleepy. So allow an easy schedule after the treatment
  • Clients should avoid workout for at least 24 hours after Hijama.
  • Digesting dairy products places a heavy burden on our body’s detoxification system, so avoid consuming milk, cheese or other dairy products after Hijama.
  • We ask clients not to shower for at least 4 hours post treatment. This will allow the body to produce natural oils to help with the healing process.

The suction and negative pressure provided by the cupping on the body can loosen muscles and encourage blood flow, allowing your body to feel relaxed and at ease.

One of the biggest advantages of Hijama is in reducing pain and stiffness of muscles and tendons. It removes stagnated blood from the area of discomfort and increases the flow of detoxified blood, allowing fresh nutrients and oxygen to reach those areas and giving instant relief. This results in increased elasticity of your muscles and better performance of body organs.

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Absolutely! Hijama works to ease stiffness, relax tense muscles, and relieves your tissues deep within the body. Cupping Therapy produces heat that passes through the injury region. As a result, it makes your body healthy, happy and relaxed by sedating the central nervous system.

The negative suction pressure provided by the cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow and sedate the nervous system

Hijama has many benefits. Some of the common results are; feeling cleansed, clear mind, improved body circulation, improved mood, eases muscle soreness, energized and relaxed.

Hijama is associated with the clearance of toxins built up in the body via the microcirculatory system. There are many routes of waste elimination in the body. This can be through digestion, urinary, breathing and sweating. Ultimately, there is not one of these systems that allows the dead blood cells and toxins to flush out of our body. Therefore by drawing blood to the surface using the cups, we can remove stagnated lymph fluid (toxins).

Depending from person to person, the amount of blood drawn out can vary.

Up to 470ml of intravenous blood can be taken out safely.

In Hijama we take this as our guide. (However in Hijama we are only taking non-intravenous blood). At most we will take out an approximate maximum of 470ml of blood, irrespective of the number of points or cups applied. Once we reach this limit we stop.

If the patient requires further treatment / additional points, we request that they return for another session in 4 to 6 weeks time. Depending on their ailment or condition, most patients will probably not even reach 470ml. Most will usually have between 200 – 300ml taken.

We recommend clients to cleanse their body once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Acidic toxic waste accumulates in our bodies causing us to feel tired, sluggish and fatigue. Sources of toxic waste include: the polluted air we breathe, toxic chemicals found in our food and water, intoxicating drinks, narcotic drugs, junk food and smoking.

Hijama helps detox and cleanse the body and blood.

No. The incisions may tickle as we basically tap the skin with the sterile blade.

The negative pressure of the cups numbs the surface of the skin for 5-10 seconds allowing us to make quick light incisions before putting the negative pressure back on.

The incisions are not deep.

The skin has 3 main layers. To perform Hijama Wet cupping, superficial cuts are made to the surface of the skin between the epidermis and the dermis (but not deep). The dermis is where the capillaries begin and we bleed the capillaries.

Once the incisions are done we then put the cups back on the targeted areas and the negative pressure of the cup breaks the skins allowing the blood to draw out. These cuts are done with a sterile single use blade and do not scar your skin as we don’t go deep.

Hijama activates good blood circulation and kick starts the metabolism. Therefore, energy and fat are burned faster! Hijama can also help relieve water retention in the body.

The best time is when females are off their menstrual cycle. The cleanse is much greater!

Yes, you’ve come to the right place. You will require a Vital Organ Detox (VOD) before we target the chronic pain. Many females with symptoms like yourself find huge relief in Hijama therapy.

Yes you can resume your normal activities. We do advise clients not to exercise or do any strenuous activity for 24 hours or shower for at least 2 hours after the treatment.

No. They are not wounds and therefore do not need to be bandaged. The bleeding instantly stops once the negative pressure is taken off.

Yes, in some cases individuals have seen a difference to their skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body, which is also a functional system for eliminating waste through our oil and sweat glands. If it is hindered or malnourished it will not function properly. Toxic substances become blocked and cause irritation and inflammation. By increasing blood flow to affected areas and eliminating the toxins, we can reduce stagnation and distribute new oxygen to the area allowing fresh blood cells to flow.

No, although we do prefer men to have shaven hair, women are not expected to.


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